Tapas & small Starters

Feta cheese   6,50

Whipped Feta, marinated Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine powder, olive oil & sea salt

Beef cheeks   8,50

House-made tzatziki, slow-braised beef cheeks & chili confit

Aubergine   6,50

Fried aubergines, sour cream & thyme-honey drizzle

Blue Swimmer crab Kataifi   10,50

Hand-picked crab meat rolled & fried in Kataifi pastry, sesame mayo

Beef Carpaccio   9,50

Raw marinated beef fillet, green sauce, egg, gherkins, caper berries & garlic Croutons

Metsovone cheese Saganaki   7,50

Melted smoked Metsovone, grilled Oyster mushrooms & oregano

Sea bream Sashimi   9,00

Sea bream, coconut, lime & home-made sweet chili sauce

Patatas Bravas   6,00

Crispy spiced potatoes, garlic Aioli & red Mojo sauce, Parmesan

Octopus Carpaccio   9,50

Cold sliced octopus, crab Remoulade & citrus cucumbers

Lamb   8,50

2 grilled lamb chops, smoky aubergine yogurt & roasted hazelnuts

Salmon   8,50

Ouzo-cured salmon, compressed cucumbers, pickled onions, caper leaves & dill cream

Chicken liver “Halva”   7,50

Creamy liver pâté, Medjool date paste & black sesame seeds, pita

Greek Florina peppers   7,00

Roasted peppers, spinach, saffron, home-made goat cheese & Mediterranean spices

Prawn Falafel   8,50

Black Tiger prawns in falafel crust, beet root tzatziki

Burrata cheese & Portobello   8,00

Portobello mushroom Sugo, Burrata & dried Kalamata olives

Porchetta   8,50

Cold sliced pork belly braised with star anise, fried cauliflower & salsa Verde

Ladenia   6,00

Aegean-style olive oil bread topped with roasted tomatoes, pepper relish, Feta cheese, herbs and garlic oil


Main Dishes

Giant prawns   16,50

Grilled prawns, saffron Risotto, English peas & green olive-tomato salsa

Pancetta & Lasagna   16,00

3-cheese lasagna, truffle oil & crispy pork belly “Bordelaise”

Salmon   17,50

Salmon fillet, braised leeks, coriander & chili dressing

Seafood stew   21,00

Clams, crab claws, langoustine & sea bream, pickled fennel & Piquillo pepper sauce

Short rib   19,00

Slow-braised beef rib, cauliflower puree & jambon crumble

Chicken   14,50

Sauteed chicken breast, green bean salad, roasted tomatoes, barrel-matured Feta & mint

Pork butt   16,00

Chunk of fork-tender pork, cranberry Succotash & cauliflower Skordalia

Lamb   19,00

Grilled lamb rack, lemon & leek potato salad, crushed peas & pumpkin seed Pesto

Duck   18,50

Grilled duck breast, saffron Fasolada & lavender jus

Beef   21,00

Fillet steak, potato-celeriac Rösti, caramelized onion puree & balsamic reduction



Tiramisu ”Essence”   7,50

Chocolate mousse, Mascarpone cream, Espresso-soaked sponge cake & chocolate biscuit crumbs

Arabian Pavlova   7,00

Rosewater Meringue, pistachio Semifreddo, Halva, Turkish delight & pomegranate

Vanilla cheese cake   6,50

Baked cheese cake, salted caramel & vanilla ice cream


Hot coffee

Nescafe   2,00
Espresso   2,50
Cappuccino   3,50
Café Firenze (Amaretto, whipped cream)   5,50
Café Valencia (Grand Marnier, orange, cinnamon)   5,50


Cold coffee

Frappe “Essence”   3,00
Freddo Cappuccino (Greek-style iced cappuccino)   4,00
Vienna ice-coffee (vanilla ice cream, whipped cream)   4,50
Café Remy (Frangelico, cream, roasted hazelnuts)   5,50


Dessert wines by glass

Solomos Caretta Zakynthos  0,2l   3,00

Red sweet table wine

Grampsas Augoustiatis Zakynthos   0,1l   4,00

Naturally sweet red wine

Vinsanto Santorini   0,1l   7,00

Sun dried grapes Assyrtiko and Aidani. The four year maturation in oak barrels and
the ageing in bottles offer complex aromas of dried fruit, remarkable structure, acidity and finesse.

Samos Deux   0,1l   4,00

Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, ripe apricots & peaches, grapey and floral